This page is intended to help provide you with information on how to “Grow Your Own” mushrooms, and provide you with some sources for necessary supplies…

Whether you are planning to merely encourage growth outside, or you want to construct your own fantastic indoor mushroom garden, you will get better results and avoid a lot of aggravation if you spend some time learning some of the dos and don’ts. There are many little tricks, and tips to learn and pitfalls to avoid that can make a huge difference in your overall harvest.

Although supplying all the information is beyond the scope of this web page, there are some basics which can be learned with relative ease by following a few links. Also many excellent books and web resources are out there. Below we will provide our favorite links.

Probably the two most helpful resources you will find will be one of Paul Stamets booksMycellium Running, or Growing Gourmet And Medicinal Mushrooms, and Mark R. Kieth’s video Let’s Grow Mushrooms. Links to purchase these and other related resources can be found further down in this page.

MHMA conducted a workshop on innoculation in March 2015 and will do so again in the future according to club members’ interest.  Gerry has provided the following guide based on his experience at the March event: newsletter,log-innoc   Our members are very friendly and enjoy sharing knowledge so if you have any questions, or would like to share a good experience you have had, log on to our free group where we are able to post photos, links, topics for discussion, and upcoming events.


MHMA receives a small (but helpful) portion of any purchase you make from our website… So please remember… You can research products thoroughly at other sites, but please come back here to order them. Your cost will be the same, AND the club will benefit! 

(Instructional How-To Help)

(Where to get the supplies you’ll need)

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