Below you will find a review of a few of the most popular mushroom books that you may wish to acquire… And further down the page you will find a storefront connected to A percentage of any purchase you make from the storefront will come back to the club so please try to remember to make ALL your Amazon purchases (Not just Mushroom Related, but ALL) from there!

Also remember, it’s a good idea to check out the book before blindly buying it online. There are many different reference books and guides out there… Some are helpful, And some are frustrating and poorly organized. There really is not one single book that will give you ALL the information, pictures and keys you need. This is why we advise that BEFORE eating ANY wild mushroom you should get a positive id from more than one book, (preferably three books), and the confirmation of someone whose expertise you trust WITH YOUR LIFE.

Audubon Guide - Lincoff

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms (National Audubon Society Field Guides) – By Gary Lincoff: Undeniably the most referred-to field guide by mycophiles in our part of the world. Mr. Lincoff has done an amazing job putting this book together, & though over the yrs some of the names have shifted, & some of the photos could be better, this text is ideal for comparing against other sources w/good thumb tabs, spore color charts & easy to use cross references with look-a- like red flags. If you only buy one book this is the one to buy.


Mushrooms of North America – By Roger Phillips: While not as ideal for the field, this book is an excellent resource to confirm an id obtained from a less expansive field guide. Somehow Phillips packs more than 1000 photos taken in a studio environment, to eliminate the inconsistent lighting and miniscule pictures appearing in some other books. The problem w/this book is that it’s out of print & often brings high prices, even in used condition, online. Well worth the extra time/effort it may take to acquire a copy of this book.


Mushrooms of Northeast North America: Midwest to New England – By George Barron: This book covers from the Midwest to New England in a field guide format. Although it doesn’t cover as many species as some others, the photos are exceptional. It divides fungi into base groups, treating gilled mushrooms separated into spore-colored sections.


Mushrooms of Northeastern North America – by Alan & Arleen Bessette And David Fischer: Another really nice book with good references. The keys are well done and it has many photos, though they are a little bit small.


Mushrooms Demystified – by David Arora: A comprehensive tome. While concentrating more on species of the western half of the US, contains too much valuable info to be ignored. Arora’s sometimes hilarious writing is astounding, and his references are first rate. Though the book has pictures, they aren’t seductive. This book is designed to be more useful for information than eye candy. It includes references to everything from meanings of latinate prefixes/suffixes to the predominate relationships between certain trees & various fungi! Essential for every mycophiles library!


A Morel Hunter’s Companion: A Guide to True and False Morels  – by Nancy Smith Weber: This book is the morel enthusiasts sourcebook.  Although much of the data centers around Michigan and Wisconsin, there is much to be gleaned from this small book. It covers most of what you’d like to know about Morchella, Helvella, Gyromitra and other similar genus.