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Mid Hudson Mycological Association; Log Inoculation Workshop

March 22, 2015 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Mid Hudson Mycological Association; Log Inoculation Workshop

Sunday March 22, 2015 (rain date April 5th) 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

 Here is a document that Gerry has just released concerning the workshop: newsletter,log-innoc

The workshop will be to familiarize people with a method for inoculating hardwood logs to grow mushrooms. We’ll use power drills to make 5/16 diameter holes, 1 ½ inches deep about 4 inches apart around the log, hammer in dowels that have mycelium growing in them and then cover the dowels and any exposed grain with melted wax. A good size log can take 40 or so shiitake plugs, smaller logs take fewer. This workshop will be held in Coeymans Hollow in southern Albany County on March 22, 2015 (rain date April 5th) starting at 9:00 AM and will be limited to the first 25 paid people.


Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) are among the easiest mushrooms to grow. If you keep the logs in a good environment, expect to see some shiitakes the following year and more in the years to come. Lions Mane (Herecium erinaceus) is said to be a bit more difficult, but might be worth a try.   It’s recommended to use double the density of dowels for Lions Mane. We will have more detailed instructions on optimum growing conditions for these 2 mushroom species available at the workshop. In addition, we are going to demonstrate the totem method of inoculation as an alternative to inoculated dowels. This involves placing sawdust spawn into fresh cuts in hardwood logs and splicing them back together to allow the spawn to colonize the wood.

Plug costs for the workshop are $6.00 for 100 plugs. We are likely ordering Shiitake and Lions Mane plugs in batches of 1000 plugs, hence the low cost. If anyone is interested in other species and would like to group their order to save shipping, 250 plugs cost about $20.00.


Bring your own logs if you have them. Logs should be 3 to 8 inches diameter and between 3 and 4 feet. Only recently cut green wood can be used, so logs cut this winter/spring are what you want. Oak, beech, alder, and hickory are good for Shiitake. Sugar maple, beech and oak are good for Lion’s Mane. Red oak and white oak logs will be available at the workshop for $5.00 each but quantities may be limited. You can prepay to guarantee logs will be available. Please bring cash or check if you plan to purchase logs at the workshop.
Bring tools if you have them. Necessary tools include:

a power drill,

5/16 drill bit with a stop collar if possible. If not, duct tape can be used to mark the depth,

Rubber mallet or hammer

Small paint brush for the wax,

Coffee can for melting wax in, and

Portable stove for heating wax.


If interested, complete the information below and send with a check to Gerry McDonald, 249 Stanton Road, Coeymans Hollow, NY 12046. Make checks out to Gerry McDonald. Please get your request in before February 21, 2015 so we have adequate lead time for ordering the supplies.

Any questions, call Gerry at 518-756-2232.



Name___________________________________________ email___________________________




Tools you can bring ________________________________________________________________


No. Shiitake plugs (100) ____________x $6.00 = __________


No. Lions Mane plugs (100) _________x $6.00 = __________        Total amount enclosed $______________


No oak logs ______________________x $5.00 =   __________


March 22, 2015
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


Mid-Hudson Mycological Association


Gerry and Carol’s House
249 Stanton Road
Coeymans Hollow, 12046 United States
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