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Morel walk -members only May 3rd

May 3, 2014

Morels have been found in Southern Dutchess County!
We are planning on holding our Members Only Morel walks the weekends of
May 3 and May 10 this year at locations to be announced.

We ask that you don’t forage in our usual spots for the week prior to
these dates to ensure that we will have mushrooms
to find.

Details will be sent out the day before the walk.
(In the past, we’ve had people “scout” for us, and leave us with morel

See you there!


May 3, 2014


Mid-Hudson Mycological Association


  1. To join the club and be eligible for this “Members Only” walk, go to the “About” pull down and follow the instructions under “Join the MHMA”…

  2. Please send me info where the walk will be. I will bring a check to become a member.

    Thanks, Al

  3. Please send info where the walk will be, I will bring a check to become a member. TY Sandy

    If I need a reference, Elmer LeSur knows me.

  4. I would like to join the Mycological association and the walk this Saturday, May 3rd. Please e-mail me the logistics information. Thank you.

  5. Kelly Sinclair
    To Me
    5/2 at 6:29 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Todays scouting produced signs that morels are coming, just not this weekend.
    We discussed going out anyway, and decided to hold off until next weekend.
    The survey many of you submitted showed that some people want to get into the woods, but most
    of you answered that you would prefer to wait until something fruits in the area.

    One person checked off that they have a spot we could walk with mushrooms this weekend.
    Since I didn’t ask for names, I don’t know who checked off the box.
    If you have a spot you’re willing to share, please send me an email at jne64@optonline.net
    so we can schedule a walk for Sunday

    We will let everyone know as soon as we have an answer.


  6. Hello. I joined last fall but have not been receiving emails this year regarding walks. Can you please make sure I am still on the list. Thanks!

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