Archived: President’s Newsletter – from Lisa Resnick

We had a wonderful annual dinner meeting. Thank you to all who helped and participated.
At the meeting Jill volunteered to resume the position of walks leader and will call upon you to volunteer to host or lead walks. We plan to have our 2016 calendar out at the beginning of the year.
Thank you to our wonderful webmaster, Ted Shemella who was not at the meeting for me to thank personally. Our website has a lot of “hits” and visibility. We can keep this up by maintaining an interesting website. Remember to send Ted your  mycology related articles/writing, photos. As always, I encourage you to write about any MHMA event that you attend. 
Winter lectures:Winter is a wonderful time to focus on academics as well as experiential education. MHMA has a rich history of enriching our knowledge of fungi through combined winter meetings and lectures. Last year, in response to the interests stated by members,  the club provided the following educational events:
A  tree ID walk at Margaret-Norrie Park, as well as the following lectures:
Bill Bakaitis on the role of fungi in the ecosystem, 
Lisa Resnick and Alice Barner: macroscopic and Microscopic identification of fungi,   
Gary Lincoff. Mushrooms and Ecosystems-Connecting the Dots
Gerry McDonald- log inoculation
MARK YOUR CALENDARS.Our lecture/meetings this year are:
Tues 1-3-16 Bill Bakaitis, Boletes of the Northeast
Mid winter meeting/lecture TBA
Tues 3-1-16 John Michelotti, The Evolution of Mushroom Cultivation in the Northeast
MHMA Logo Contest: Attention artists-Please submit your designs to be used for  a logo for our club. The design may be used on cards, banners etc.
Volunteers needed:
1-The club is in need of an audio-visual manager- who can set up and run equipment at events as needed. Please let us know if you could fulfill this role.
2-Each of our club officers have continued to volunteer past the term of their duties and would appreciate replacements. Please think about assuming the responsibilities for membership chair, secretary, vice president and president and contact us to let us know if are interested in helping out in any of these positions.  
I continue to encourage our members to let us know about and share their expertise as well as hosting and leading  walks . Thank you to John Michelotti who will share his expertise on 3-1-16. John also hosted a walk and  assisted at the log inoculation workshop given by Gerry MacDonald in the Spring. Thank you Gerry and Carol for hosting this. Here is an attachment with Gerry’s article about the workshop. It may also be viewed on our website with workshop photos.
We would like to see more education of our youth. I encourage members to think about setting up family-oriented workshops geared toward young people (and their families)-our future. We will work on reserving the space. We have also provided education at fairs and other sites. Let us know about your events  or opportunities to educate.
Thank you all for your support and participation in club activities promoting education about mycology for all, Lisa


Important Message from the President

I was so happy to announce the launching of our new website in our Spring newsletter.
I encouraged all of you to contribute in many ways.
Right now, I am appealing to all writers out there or just enthusiastic amateur mycologists-even if you have never written an article before.Now is the time to think about writing one. I hope that you are inspired by the new Spring growth.Thinking about  a current topic like Morels (think about the types, habitats, ecology) or just Spring mushrooms, might inspire an article. You may already know a lot, or you can research a topic that you want to learn more about. This is a way to share. Others want to know more too, I assure you!
If you have a special interest, such as ecology, identification, a certain mushroom, food, mushroom art, cooking, photography, etc., please share it with us. Maybe you have other forms of expressing your interest such as  fungi related poetry or visual art to share.Your contributions will enhance the learning experience for all of us. You do not need to be an expert writer or mycologist, just have an interest and research the topic as needed. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your contributions add to an enriching  experience for others browsing our website.

As our walks begin, please also consider how you might volunteer to help on the walk. There are many tasks that go into having a walk. Can you help pass out sign -up sheets, help ID afterwards. Ask us, we’ll let you know what we may need help with. More on this later…Lisa 5-14-2014