Meet the People

Group Leaders 
Christine Moss – President


Christine is an artist, chef and nature lover who lives in the Catskills. She loves connecting people together, collecting rocks and adding to her ever growing library of art and nature books.

Barbara PlumeBarbara Plume – Vice President
Barbara has been a member of MHMA since the mid-1980’s.  She most enjoys identifying new edible mushrooms and leading walks in new places.  Barb has been instrumental in keeping the club active and up to date on mycological happenings outside of the Hudson Valley.  She’s works as an IT Professional for New York State since 1979 and is a trustee of NAMA and NEMF.
Cynthia at oyster tree, Wittenberg Sports ClubCynthia Fisher – Treasurer Emeritus
Cynthia Fisher is a past Treasurer and a past president of MHMA.  She joined the club in 1998 after retiring from teaching biology at Marist and Vassar Colleges.  After years of working indoors in classrooms and research labs as a “white coat biologist”, she is delighted to be back in the woods and fields again with MHMA as a “muddy boots biologist”.
Karina Buckholz – Secretary
Karina has lived in the Catskills her whole life and has always had a great appreciation for nature.  When she is not out in the woods looking for mushrooms, you can find her with her plants. She is a horticulturist and landscaper, and currently manages the gardens at a local camp.
Erwin Karl – Walks Coordinator 
There’s no club without walks.  Erwin performs this task which entails filling the schedule with successful foraging events.  Erwin Karl has been foraging for plants and mushrooms for many years. His love for fungi goes deeper than edibles and medicinal mushrooms as he explores the relationship between fungi and plants. He also cultivates mushrooms and teaches workshops about fungi.
 Joan Kutcher – Membership Coordinator
Joan is an ecological landscape designer, former Executive Director of the Mountain Top Arboretum, and Secretary of the Fungal Diversity Survey. She is an enthusiastic herb, vegetable, and mushroom grower in her forest garden up in East Jewett, NY.
Brian Schneider – Newsletter Editor
My first time foraging for mushrooms was when I was 6 with my grandfather looking for morels. I don’t remember if we found any but I remember feeling special that I was one of the grandkids who got to go out in the woods with Pop-Pop. I’ve had a love for being out in the woods for as long as I can remember. That special feeling of taking the time to notice a certain plant, mushroom, feather or animal never left. In my late teens I tried to learn more about mycology but had to take a break when I moved in my early 20’s. When I got back into the area I picked up where I’d left off and started foraging morels and easily identified polypores. I’ve now been foraging again since 1996 but for the last 15 years it’s become more of an obsession instead of a hobby 🙂
 John Michelotti – Past President                                John Michelotti resides in Big Indian, NY on a family farm where he cultivates (indoor and outdoor) mushrooms. He is the owner of Catskill Fungi, an organization that provides Outdoor Guided Mushroom Classes, Cultivation courses, Educational Talks, Private consultations, Mushroom Art, and Mushroom Health Extractions. John is a member of Connecticut Westchester Mycological Association (COMA), Pioneer Valley Mycological Association, and North American Mycological Association (NAMA) as well as Amazon Mycorenewal Project researching the utilization of Fungi to remediate oil spills in the Amazon Rainforest. He is a member of the Mushroom Advisory Panel for Certified Naturally Grown who are developing standards for best practices in ecological mushroom production.