“A Guided Walk in the Mycorrhizal Bewilderness”

Zoom Mushroom Talk 11/12/2021

MHMA Members Only

New York Mycological Society is hosting a zoom mushroom talk Friday 11/12 at 7PM.

This event is open to all MHMA members, courtesy of the BMC and NYMS. A reminder will be sent out before the talk, and those interested be on the lookout for the link the day of the talk. Details are below!

Thanks to John Michelotti for sharing this event with us!

Hope you all can make it!

-Karina, MHMA Secretary

If your are interested, and you’re not currently an MHMA Member, please join ASAP to get on the email list.

A Guided Walk in the Mycorrhizal Bewilderness with Christian Schwarz as your Guide

“Those of you who met Christian during his Northeast tour know how knowledgeable he is and how good he is at communicating that knowledge. Don’t miss his talk on the fungi that form mycorrhizas with tree roots and some of the complexities of that symbiosis. Christian writes, “The mutualistic relationship between trees and fungi has been well-known for over a century, and metaphors emerging from this interaction have become increasingly common in popular culture. But we have learned many nuances in recent days – we’ll cover some of the frontier of research involving the intricacies and nuts-and-bolts mechanisms of this famous symbiosis.”
Christian studied Ecology and Evolution at UC Santa Cruz, where his interest in the world of fungi became irrevocable – their seemingly endless forms (from the grotesque to the bizarre to the sublime) feed his curiosity. Christian now teaches Natural History of Fungi to undergraduates, and is a research associate of the Norris Center at UCSC. is co-author of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, and now spends his time seeking, photographing, collecting, teaching about, and publishing research on the macrofungi of California and Arizona. He is a research associate of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, and is assembling a mycoflora for the California Channel Islands. He has also served on the IUCN Red List Working Group for North American Fungi, advocating for habitat conservation focused on fungi. He is passionate about biodiversity in general, and especially in the philosophy and practice of community science (especially through the use of iNaturalist).”
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