Wine Making Workshop


Thank you so much for a magnificent wine making workshop on June 29th. It was obviously enjoyed and appreciated by all.

You helped to simplify a multi-step art and process to teach us. It was not apparent, but obvious in retrospect, how much time and planning you did to teach us so much.  This included preparing- such as  bringing us wine at different stages to observe.  It also took a lot of work and planning to have all of the equipment there that we needed to learn wine making and bottling methods. I, for one, was glad to have the opportunity to learn about a craft that I always wanted to try- but like many things, never got through that yard sale book that I picked up about wine making.  Having someone show you things makes it that much easier to learn. That fits right in with how our club works- teaching people through hands on learning opportunities from people with more experience.

Thanks to Jill and Carol too for their assistance in the class (Carol) and for putting the time in to plan for our culinary accompaniments to the class.

Thanks again,

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