Wild Mushrooms in a Zurich Market

Friday mornings in Zurich are hopping with locals buying fresh vegetables, flowers, meats and fish.  Two of the vendors had a variety of foraged mushrooms.  I’m asking for your help in identifying them as best you can (click on the picture to see a larger image).  Thanks for your help!

1.  DSCF1377


2.  DSCF1378


3.  DSCF1379


4.  DSCF1380


5.  DSCF1381

Please post your identifications as comments below…

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  1. krauterzeitling pleurotus eryngii

    eierschwammli cantharellus cibarius

    maskenritterling Lepista saeva

    Nameko take Pholiota nameko

    Austernseitling Pleurotus ostreatus

    Shimeyii Hypsizygus tessellatus Brown Beech Mushroom

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