First Chanterelle Contest

I am pleased to announce that Sandy Schelhorn is the winner of our First Chanterelle Contest. The chanterelles are from Windham, NY on 6-23-14.

Thanks, Sandy! Lisa

OK myco enthusiasts, The clock is running and it’s on – our annual contest for the first Chanterelle sighting by a club member!  

Get out your cameras and hit the trails. 

………Not only is this contest fun, but you are helping science. Our contest helps us to keep track of trends with climate changes. Climate changes have been affecting where we find some species and this will give us a record of any changes as to when morels are appearing.
Here are the rules:OFFICIAL RULES:I).  Contestant Must Be An MHMA Member In Good Standing.

II).  Must take and submit 3 photos of mushroom still standing…
1). zoom-in shot of mushroom to confirm species & show it has not been not cut
2). zoom-out to show mushroom and time & date on cell phone
3). zoom out to show mushroom and “wild” area around mushroom
Must be a raw photo not edited, “touched-up”, or cropped in any way…

III).  Must be a non-cultivated mushroom, growing in the wild found in Ulster, Dutchess, Greene, Columbia, Albany or Orange Counties.

IV).  “Verbal (or Digital) Entry” must be submitted to club president within 24 hours of find…  Pictures must be submitted to club president within
48 hours… V).  Trophy Prize winner will be determined and announced as quickly as possible by the Club’s Standing President.

VI).  The trophy shall be kept in the possession of the current champion but shall remain the property of MHMA.  Each year, the previous year’s winner or designee shall present the trophy to the new winner at the Winter Meal.

VII).  3 Trophies To Be Awarded For “First Found” are:
1). Morel – (Black Morel – (Morchella elata) or Yellow Morel – (Morchella esculenta))
2). Yellow or “Golden” Chanterelle – (Cantharellus cibarius or Cantharellus lateritus)
3). Hen Of The Woods – (Grifola frondosa)
4). Most Exciting Find – (Any species found that because of it’s rarity, because it is a perfect or really attractive specimen, or because of the sheer volume of an choice edible find makes it the most exciting find of the year…)  The winner of this award will be determined by a vote of the club membership prior to our annual dinner.

VIII).  As The Judge, The MHMA President is Not Eligible To Win Any Of The “First” Trophies!

Please send your pictures to and we will announce the winner.

                                 GOOD LUCK!!!
..and then  we can look forward to our first Hen contest ! : ) and a whole season of “mushroom fever”.

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