Important Message from the President

I was so happy to announce the launching of our new website in our Spring newsletter.
I encouraged all of you to contribute in many ways.
Right now, I am appealing to all writers out there or just enthusiastic amateur mycologists-even if you have never written an article before.Now is the time to think about writing one. I hope that you are inspired by the new Spring growth.Thinking about  a current topic like Morels (think about the types, habitats, ecology) or just Spring mushrooms, might inspire an article. You may already know a lot, or you can research a topic that you want to learn more about. This is a way to share. Others want to know more too, I assure you!
If you have a special interest, such as ecology, identification, a certain mushroom, food, mushroom art, cooking, photography, etc., please share it with us. Maybe you have other forms of expressing your interest such as  fungi related poetry or visual art to share.Your contributions will enhance the learning experience for all of us. You do not need to be an expert writer or mycologist, just have an interest and research the topic as needed. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your contributions add to an enriching  experience for others browsing our website.

As our walks begin, please also consider how you might volunteer to help on the walk. There are many tasks that go into having a walk. Can you help pass out sign -up sheets, help ID afterwards. Ask us, we’ll let you know what we may need help with. More on this later…Lisa 5-14-2014


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