Morels have been found in Southern Dutchess County!

Morels have been found in Southern Dutchess County!
We are planning on holding our Members Only Morel walks the weekends of
May 3 and May 10 this year at locations to be announced.

We ask that you don’t forage in our usual spots for the week prior to
these dates to ensure that we will have mushrooms
to find.

Details will be sent out the day before the walk.
(In the past, we’ve had people “scout” for us, and leave us with morel

See you there!


  1. Event – MOREL WALK – Saturday, May 17- Hyde Park, Culinary Institute of America Main Parking Lot – We plan on meeting at 9:00, walking at 9:30

    We might still be a little early for morels, but we’re going to hold the walk this weekend anyway. We don’t want to chance next weekend being too late.
    It is pretty overgrown in this wood… So, if you have a cell phone please bring it. We all had cell phone coverage so we should be fine if we all swap cell numbers prior to heading into the woods. I will bring a sign in/sign out clipboard for the parking lot… so we don’t leave anyone again this year. If you arrive late please sign in so… when we all leave we know we did not leave anybody behind.

    THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY EVENT… It is open to existing members and those who fill out club application on the spot that day.

    This is the first walk of the year so there will be about a 20 minute introduction for new mushroomers. If you are new to mushrooming please plan to arrive by 9:00 to take advantage of the presentation. Everyone should be suited, sprayed and ready to walk promptly a 9:30am.

    The are Deer Ticks in this area… It is recommended to wear light colored clothing to help detect them, and to spray yourself with some repellent.

    Directions: We will meet in the northern most part of the main parking which is in front of the school along Route 9.

    Here is a google maps link with approximate coordinates and satellite imagery…


    Reminder: Remember to bring any samples of mushrooms you may have to show others.

    Reminder: It is the club policy that only club members may attend the morel walks. Please alert anyone you invite that they should print out a membership form from the website, fill it out, and bring it along with $15 annual membership fee and they can become a member on the spot if they wish to participate. If for some reason, they cannot acquire the form on their own we will have them available at the walk. Anyone interested in signing up on the spot should show up a little EARLY to have time to take care of business and avoid delaying the start for everyone else.

    Request: We would like to know which walks are most important to you and why. Please let us know ASAP as we are planning events for the upcoming season! Also let us know if you can be our guide on a new walk.

    Recommendations for hike participants:

    *Wear appropriate footwear for hiking on hills, rocks, forest litter and possible wet areas (no rocker style sneakers please). Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.
    *Walks are held in areas typically infested with ticks. Wear appropriate clothing and/or use insect repellant to protect yourself from tick bites and possibly Lyme disease.
    *Walk leaders are there to assist members in learning techniques for identifying wild mushrooms. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to properly identify wild mushrooms they are going to eat. Some poisonous wild mushrooms can cause severe illness and even death. Edible mushrooms can cause reactions in some individuals, so whenever eating a new species for the first time, only consume a small amount to determine whether you have any reaction.
    *In addition to proper footwear and attire, bring a mushroom guide, a knife, basket, waxed paper bags, bug repellant, sun screen, water, sunglasses, a snack, a walking stick and some good luck!
    *Bring gloves if you plan on harvesting any stinging nettles. You don’t want to handle them with your bare hands.
    See you all there!

  2. I just got really excited, then realized this post in 5 years old. 🙁 Any chance there will morel walks this spring?

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