Oyster cultivation

Hi Everyone,
The oyster cultivation is really a joy.  Every time I look at my oysters, they have doubled in size. Thanks, Jill.
Ted, would you please put a few of the attached photos on our website?  I’m sorry I didn’t bring my camera to the workshop and don’t have any photos of the preparation.  When are you coming back to the cold Northeast, Ted?  I have one extra kit from the workshop which I am saving for you.  If you are coming back soon, I will keep it for you.  If you won’t be back for a month or two, then I will start it myself as I don’t know how long the spawn is viable.



  1. My goodness, where do I get these kits? I stumbled upon this webside (midhudsonmyco.org) and I want to grow them.
    I live in NYC and have a house in Red Hook NY for weekends. I came upon a dying oak tree that had a crop of oysters for several years. Picked tons of them. Though the last couple of years it hasn’t.
    Would love to join a group in the Hudson Valley to learn more.

    1. Hi Roxana,
      We’ll be doing this again, most likely in the fall. Watch the site for details.
      If you want to join, there is a link at the top of the page with the form. Or, join us for one of our Morel walks. They’re members only, and we’ll have forms available for anyone looking to join.
      We’ll post dates soon. Locations don’t get posted until the night before our Morel walks.

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