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March 23, 2014 Newsletter

Hello everybody.  Spring is barely in the air (although can’t you just “taste it”!) and the club has so many exciting projects planned for the year, as well as ones coming to fruition.

At our February meeting, Jill led a workshop on mushroom inoculation. We each   prepared a mushroom kit using a simple (non-sterile) recipe. Many of us are enjoying the first fruiting of the oyster mushrooms that we grew using the materials at that workshop. Jill has been collecting data, looking at it how the conditions that we grew our mushrooms affected growth. This information can help us in the future. The workshop was a huge success in many ways and we hope to have more workshops like this.

Our special events continue this week:

Bill Bakaitis will lecture on the topic of safe and unsafe spring mushrooms.  Bill is a professor of mycology, a writer, and founding president of MHMA as well as a contributor to the NY State Museum’s fungi collection. As always, Bill brings a wealth of information to share with club members and we are pleased to have him.

We will also have a brief meeting at which we will hold our annual club elections. As this is an election meeting it is only open to members, but non-members are welcome to join at the meeting. If you act quickly, there is still time to nominate/volunteer for any of our offices. Let Kelly know, ASAP. if you would like to step in and relieve one of our current officers.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to join us for this special lecture and meeting. It will take place on Tuesday, March 25thpm, at the Marbletown Community Center, 3564 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY.

We will begin promptly at 7PM.


Finally, I am most excited to announce that, thanks to a long team effort, our newly designed website is up and running!!!Ted Shemella has graciously agreed to be our web master. Special thanks to our treasurer, Cynthia Fisher, who coordinated the work to “launch” our website through the final steps.

You can go to MHMA’s site right now at midhudsonmyco.org to see current events, and to get a glimpse of planned ones. With our new design format, we will be able to expand on the current structure, adding new information and links as needed. This will be an on-going   process and leaves us with endless potential for reaching many, informing and educating.

Our members have a wealth of knowledge and varying interests that I hope will be shared on our website. There are so many fascinating aspects of fungi to learn about and share with each other. The list includes identification, uses, ecology, art, book reviews and inoculation, to name a few.

To start, I would like to invite any of our members who would like to write an article about any aspect of fungi that they are interested in- to be posted on our website. I hope to see on-going submissions where we can continually share new information on our website.

The club also welcomes your ideas and participation for future workshops. Let us know if you have ideas and would like to lead a workshop or other event. Right now, Cynthia is planning a wine making workshop which many of you expressed an interest in. I talked to Sheena this week and she would like to teach a basket making workshop this year. Over the past year, many of you have shared your ideas, time, resources, and expertise (in many areas-technical, as well as fungal) to benefit the club, and I thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you all at our many upcoming events and walks.

Yours in “fungal fever”,


End of  March 23, 2014 Newsletter

Hello and Happy New Year to All.
I hope that you are all safe and warm on this frigid winter day in NY.
Winter is a time that we can focus on fungi in a different way…..
Why not use the time to read? Every identification book has pages about identification that you can familiarize yourself with now.
Winter hikes can be beautiful and yes, there are several species of fungi that grow in winter temperatures…
Google the subject and learn more!
Recalling what  Bill Bakaitis reminded us to do at one of his lectures: Now is the time to identify trees by their silhouettes. Many trees are associated with certain fungi …
Hint…find the location of an umbrella shaped elm stand and…
You might find morels there in the Spring
While all appears quiet outside, our club has been busy planning activities for the coming year. We used your survey feedback to plan winter activities that I think many will enjoy and
learn from.
Mark the dates:
The club meeting dates are: 
1/28, 2/25 and 3/25 (All are the on fourth Tuesday of the month .)
Meetings are all at 7pm at the Marbletown Community Center in Stone Ridge and described below.
 January 28th 2014- Our first presentation will be a film by the extraordinary photographer and mushroom expert, Taylor Lockwood. Our feature presentation will be ” The Good, The Bad, and The Deadly. This is an excellent film for both beginners and the experienced to learn about safe and unsafe edibles; addressing  myths about knowing when a mushroom is safe to ingest.
Club officers will provide material about visible parts of the  mushroom- which will help in identifying specimens.
 Time permitting, we may also watch Taylor’s film “Mushrooms of America”.
If you would like, bring a snack to share.
February 25th 2014– Grow your own…You asked for it (thanks for your completed surveys): Mushroom inoculation. We will learn to grow our own Oyster Mushrooms using a simple recipe to inoculate readily available materials with spores.
Details to follow……
March 25th– The club is pleased to have professor Bill Bakaitis, return to teach us about safe and unsafe Spring edibles. Bill is a professor of mycology, a writer and founding president of MHMA. He is a contributor in the NY State Museum’s fungi collection. Bill brings us a wealth of information and his  lectures are notably consistently well attended .
Other News and Tidbits:
We are excited that our new website is nearly ready to launch and will be up and running so that we will be able to post our walks, articles, and all fungi related info in the near future.
Thanks to Jill who recently attended to comments left on our current site-while the rest of us were attending to new business. Our apologies to those of you who waited for a response.
Thanks to Cynthia and Shirley who volunteered to be on our computer committee . Thanks to Ted Shemella who has offered to be our webmaster.
Volunteers Needed: The club is still in need of a volunteer to take over as Walks Coordinator and one  to replace Carol as Membership Chair. Please let us know if you can fill one of these positions. There are club officers who will help you learn the job. We count on member participation to keep our club going and helping others. Please let us know if there are any areas, activities or positions where you can help.
Attached please find the membership application form, if you haven’t already renewed for 2014.

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