Mushrooms in the Age of Covid-19

Welcome to the Mid Hudson Mycological Association Website and thank you for your curiosity.

As I learn my way around the club, we are all learning together how to navigate life in this time of Covid-19. The MHMA is continuing to work together (from a safe distance) on our 2020 walk schedule and we are figuring out how to go forward given the daily changes in our current pandemic situation. Our walks calendar will be made available to current members as soon as it is possible.
Right now, there is still snow on the ground in many parts of the Hudson Valley and the earth is waking up. There is so much to observe and appreciate. Bring your camera or sketchbook on your walks and share with us what you see. (@midhudsonmyco on Instagram) When you do go out on your walks remember to keep distances between people at least 6 feet apart. Be sure to use the inside of your elbow or the inside of your shirt if you cough or sneeze, not into your hands. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap as soon as you get home, wash them often and be kind to one another.
MHMA t-shirts are being printed and I am working on the spring issue of Sporeprint, our members newsletter. (Please send submissions here The deadline is ongoing so if it doesn’t make it into spring, it will be included in summer.
Jill Weiss is working on a collaboratively made crocheted mushroom quilt that will be raffled off in support of the Gary Lincoff Scholarship awarded to one lucky member to help offset the costs of attending a mycological foray of their choice. The deadline for applying for the scholarship is midnight June 1, 2020. 

Unfortunately our Monthly Speaker Series scheduled for April 7th has been cancelled. We want everyone to be and feel safe and healthy. 

Don’t forget to sign up for membership if you haven’t already and we hope to see you soon in person.


Christine Moss

President MHMA